Privacy Policy

Who we are

‘Way Out West’ is a collective of jazz musicians from West London. Details of the members can be found here. Our website address is:


We don’t collect cookies, or analytics data, or anything about you at all on this site. That’s not to say we don’t care… Really, you’re the best 🙂

Contact forms

You can join our Mailing List by submitting your email address. If you do that, we’ll collect & store your email address using Mailchimp which is a thing for collecting email addresses. It’s not like a real chimpanzee that we’ve maybe stolen from a zoo and set to work at Royal Mail. Anyway, after you have happily succumbed to our will we will email you about upcoming gigs where we’ll be playing music, and YOU, our new best friend, will be having the best time ever for the price. You can opt out of this potentially life-changing joy by following an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every single email we send. But if you do that our hearts will be BROKEN, and a kitten will die 😦

Human Interaction Policy

If you come to our gigs, there’s every chance we might use a form of social interaction called Talking. During this process we may learn sensitive information about you such as your name, how good you are at bingo, and what kind of beer you like. You have the right to opt out of Talking by sitting alone in a corner of the gig and mumbling something about Brexit.

But, look, we’d rather you did the raffle and had a pint with a pal.

It’ll be fun.

Promise 🙂