Emily Saunders

Emily Saunders

“Emily Saunders is a very classy improvisational act on 21st century Latin-jazz – Peyroux meets Parlato, with a lot of personal quirks thrown in.” John Fordham.

Widely commented as one of the most unique, unusual yet refreshing voices in jazz today, reflecting her passion for Brazilian rhythms and some of the great composers that have inspired her, she uses her voice to create a distinctive, instrumental approach to the music. Yet it is not only Saunders’ masterful voice, but her talent as a songwriter and arranger that sets her above the rest.

The coolness of her poetic, alluring, compositions and dreamy lyrics are balanced with an outstanding selection of fiery arrangements by composers Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti and Airto Moreira. Saunders’ dark, sultry ballads are offset by exuberant, hip swaying grooves. She combines and arranges for voice, horns and rhythm creating a fascinating and unusual sound.

“The word is out about Emily Saunders…musicality, poise and ingenuity… Saunders is the real deal… a jazz vocalist with a big future… (4 stars)” The Guardian, John Fordham

“Lovely.” Clive Anderson, BBC Radio4